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IBTech GmbH offers full storage warehousing service. The Company’s stock complex provides the most efficient work with cargos in compliance with European stock logistics standards. Our warehouse is supplied with modern materials handling equipment for secure storage of goods and freight flow processing.


Our warehouse facilities provide:

  • Convenient road access;
  • Large warehouse areas;
  • Modern warehouse equipment;
  • Automated stocktaking and registration system;
  • Responsible and qualified warehouse personnel.

Our specialists would like to offer the following services:

  • Reception and secure storage of goods in modern stock areas;
  • Proper handling and stevedoring works;
  • Loading into/unloading out of different transport vehicles, operation with oversized cargos;
  • Sorting and consolidation of orders in stock areas in compliance with order priority lists and compatibility of goods;
  • Marking, palletizing and packing of goods;
  • Insurance of goods kept at warehouse;
  • Full material liability for safety of goods left for secure storage;
  • Automated registration and stock keeping system.

Our warehouse address:
Spedition Steden
An der Babe 4
04509 Zwochau


Phone: +49 341 600 39 55